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School of Arts and Sciences

Communications, Humanities, and Languages (CHL)

The mission of the Department of Communications, Humanities, and Languages is to prepare our students to communicate effectively, to function in a variety of global cultures, and to understand the history and thought that have formed the present and will shape the future.

Communications, Humanities, and Languages is recognized as a department of distinction and a valued, integral component of the School of Arts and Sciences. We provide an engaging, interactive learning environment for student and community growth and a collegial, collaborative atmosphere for faculty.

Hours & Location
Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Location: Founders Hall
Phone Number: (567) 661-2633

Interim Chair: Catherine Pratt
Office: FH 1094
Phone: (567) 661-2075
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Department Secretary: Melissa Crosby
Office: FH 1118
Phone Number: (567) 661-2633

Full-Time Faculty
Name Discipline Phone Extension
(567) 661-xxxx
Susan Burris (Findlay) Pop Culture, Speech (567) 429-3630
Steve Culbertson History 7535
Carl Dietrich History 7479
Kathleen Geckeis German, ESL 2579 n/a
James Hodak Speech 7525
Ann Marie Jablonowski Speech 7079
Leonard Kress Humanities, Philosophy 7678
Beth Poulos History, Humanities 7058
Catherine Pratt Speech 2075
Renton Rathbun Philosophy, Speech 2659
Eric Reed Speech 7073
Timothy Rice (Findlay) Humanities (567) 429-3673
Andrea VanVorhis (Findlay) Spanish (567) 429-3632


Adjunct Faculty (Toledo)
Name Discipline Phone Extension
(567) 661-5001 + ext.
Elliot Adams Speech 1009
Annette Barga ASL n/a
Brittany Barhite ASL 1878
Anna Breider Spanish 1150
Jeri Burnett Speech n/a
Dorrie Cramer-Rumple History, Humanities, Philosophy 1270
Nathan Crook Speech
Yuriko Dickey Japanese 1319
Andrew Douglas Speech 1467
Yifei Du Chinese
Brenna Dugan ESL
Mary Beth Durbin ASL    
John Dyer Speech (567) 429-3001 x8166
Zahra Enssaif ESL n/a
Stuart Fike History 1385
John France Speech 1332
Elaine Green History 9420
Michael Greene History n/a
Alden (Ed) Gross Speech, Philosophy 1058
Evan Hale Philosophy n/a
Gail Hamilton Speech 1508
Jeanne Harmon Speech n/a
Anita Harris Speech n/a
Robert Hastings Speech (567) 429-3001 x8040
Amy Jeffers Humanities, Philosophy 1620
Sandra Lewinski Sign Language 1155
Pat Linehan Speech 1776
Grace Lombard ASL n/a
Sheree Madison-Emery Speech n/a
John Meadows Spanish 1874
Benjamin Miller Philosophy n/a
Richard (Nik) Monnin Philosophy n/a
Dan Myers Chinese 1932
Brigitte Norton-Odenthall French 1296
Zorayda Piña Spanish 9029
Robert Pook Philosophy n/a
Tracey Pritts ESL
Leigh Rencurrell-Crespo ESL n/a
Orlando Reyes-Cairo Spanish 7835
David St. Aubin Philosophy 9258
Bernhard Sulzer German
Beth Wasiner n/a 1903
John Wegner History 9408
Ron Werdebaugh History, Humanities 9423
Xueqing Zhang Chinese n/a
Nathan Ziegler ESL n/a


Adjunct Faculty (Findlay)
Teacher Discipline Phone Extension
(567) 429-3001 + ext.
Kayla Gingrich Sign Language 8155
Lynn Mercer History 8085
Yumi Senour Japanese 8190
Douglas Switzer Speech (567) 661-5001 x1179
Nathanthiel Umphress Humanities, Philosophy 8152

Courses Taught in the Department


  • African American History
  • African American Culture


  • Beginning Arabic I and II
  • Intermediate Arabic I and II


  • Beginning American Sign Language I and II
  • Intermediate American Sign Language I and II
  • Fingerspelling


  • Beginning Chinese I and II
  • Intermediate Chinese I and II


  • Basic Writing for ESL
  • Academic Writing for ESL
  • Basic Reading for ESL
  • Academic Reading for ESL
  • Oral Communication and Pronunciation
  • Academic Communication for ESL


  • Beginning French I and II
  • Intermediate French I and II


  • Beginning German I and II
  • Intermediate German I and II
  • German Conversation


  • Western Civilization I and II
  • World Civilization I and II
  • American History I and II
  • The Civil War
  • History of Ohio
  • World War II
  • History of Women in America


  • Critiquing Media and the Arts
  • Introduction to Critical Thinking
  • Great Readings: Ancient World to the Renaissance


  • Introduction to the Humanities
  • Asian Civilizations
  • Great Ideas
  • Models of Leadership
  • Leadership Development
  • World Religions


  • Beginning Japanese I and II
  • Intermediate Japanese I and II


  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Principles of Ethics


  • Introduction to Popular Culture


  • Beginning Russian I and II
  • Intermediate Russian I and II


  • Hispanic Culture
  • Beginning Spanish I and II
  • Intermediate Spanish I and II


  • Introduction to Human Communication
  • Public speaking
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Introduction to Mass Media
  • Introduction to Communication Theory
  • Small Group Communication

Concentrations Available In Our Department:

  • Communications Studies Transfer
  • History Transfer
  • International Studies Transfer
  • Journalism Transfer
  • Public Relations and Advertising Transfer
  • World Languages Transfer

Certificate Available In Our Department:

  • World Language Certificate of Proficiency

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