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School of Arts and Sciences

English Department

Mission - English Department
The Mission of the English Department is to cultivate English language development for personal enrichment, intellectual growth, and active citizenship.

Hours & Location
Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Location: Founders Hall 1117
Phone Number: (567) 661-7053

Interim Chair: Ellen Sorg
Office: FH 1042
Phone: (567) 661-2987
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Department Secretary: Kelly Wegener
Location: Founders Hall 1118
Phone Number: (567) 661-7053

Full-Time Faculty (Toledo)
  Name Discipline Office Number Email
Mona Bahouth-Kennedy Mona Bahouth-Kennedy Developmental English 1054
  Marge Bartelt Developmental English 1035
  Shelley Beard Developmental English 1062
  Brian Birt English 1037
  Kay Blue Developmental English 1046
Mike Bode Mike Bode English 1044
Russ Bodi Russ Bodi English 1027
  Tracy Darr English n/a
Genesis Downey Genesis Downey English 1038
Mohammed Elnahal Mohammed Elnahal English 1036
  Tatiana Gorbunova Developmental English 1056
  Dave Hawes English 1023
Jen Hazel Jennifer Hazel English 1055
Cory Hoover Cory Hoover English 1041
  Erin Kramer English n/a
  Marilee Motto English 1031
  Rick Myers Developmental English 1060
Joy Parker Joy Parker English 1035
Ann-Marie Paulin Ann-Marie Paulin English 1025
Deb Pinkston Deb Pinkston Developmental English 1048
Deb Richey Deb Richey English 1061
  Liz Schroeder Developmental English 1021
  Sabrina Schwartz Developmental English 1024
Jim Shackle Jim Shackle Developmental English 1053
Shannon Smith Shannon Smith English 1022
Mary Srougi Mary Srougi Developmental English 1039


Full-Time Faculty (Findlay)

  Name Discipline Email
  Sharon Badenhop Developmental English
Lucie Biddinger Lucie Biddinger English
Susan Burris Susan Burris English
  Lori Owens Developmental English
  Timothy Rice English


Adjunct Faculty (Toledo)
Name Discipline Email
Maha Abduljabbar English
Brittany Adams English
Melissa Avalos Developmental English
Amira Akl English
Bob Beckwith Developmental English
Tim Best English
Rick Bishop English
Nancy Borer Developmental English
Holly Burnside English
Jody Carroll English
Michael Cherry English
Matt Clark English
Mark Cuthbertson English
Tracy Darr Developmental English
Alexandra DeRosa English
Warren Dick English
Aaron Diehr English
Brenna Dugan English
Ralph Felzer English
Karen Fischer English
Anita Flynn  English
Linda Gilbert English
Michael Hale English
Jo Harmon English
Denise Holmes College Reading
Melanie Jankowski English
Amy Jeffers English
Kevin Jett English
Korinne King English
Jim Klein Developmental English
Amanda Kornacki English
Erin Kramer English
Anastasia Krueck-Frahn Developmental English
Larry Levy English
Suzanne Levy English
Rapheal Lieto English
Bo Ljungholm English
George Majchrzak English
Mary Mandley English
Cathy Meadows English
Amy McKenzie English
Annie Mickey Developmental English
Rebecca Miller English
Dan Myers English
Rochelle Nix Developmental English
Stephanie Opfer Developmental English
Stephen Oravec English
Russ Pitler English
John Poswalk Developmental English
Jade (Courtney) Ramsey English
Michelle Rhodes English
Diane Routson Developmental English
Sean Shannon English
Cindy Smith English
George Teague English
Krista Tomaselli Developmental English
Rachel Turnage English
Stephanie Watson Developmental English
Leslie Woityna Developmental English
Delores Young Developmental English


Adjunct Faculty (Findlay)
  Name Discipline Email
  Cherie Bullock-Myslinsky English
  Stephen Crow Developmental English
  Melanie Jankowski English
  Bobby Kuechenmeister English
  Linda Landes Developmental English
  Mary Mason English
  Tracey Pritts Developmental English
  Jack Raymond English
  Ellen Roof English
  Eric Schlich English
  Maria Shrider English
Ellen Sorg Ellen Sorg English
  Judith Suman Developmental English
  Christie Tipton Developmental English
  Megan Umphress Developmental English
  Andrea VanVorhis English
  Fran Weith Developmental English

Courses Taught in the Department

Developmental Courses

  • Writing Process
  • Introduction to College Writing

Entry-Level English Courses

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