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School of Arts and Sciences

Mathematics Department

Mission - Mathematics Department
It is the mission of the Mathematics Department at Owens Community College to provide the mathematical foundation that will prepare developmental, technical, and transfer degree students to meet their academic and career goals.

Center for Performing Arts
(567) 661-7646 (T)
Fax: (567) 661-7011

Hours & Location
Monday - Friday: 8 am - 4 pm
Location: Mathematics Department PA 118
Phone Number: (567) 661-7646

Department Secretary: Sharyn Ulman
Office: Mathematics Department PA 118
Phone Number: (567) 661-7646

Chair: Walter Mackey
Office: Mathematics Department PA 118 Z
Phone: (567) 661-2640
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Programs Offered
AS Mathematics Transfer

Name Discipline Email
Paul Adams Physics/ Math
Mustafa Bourawi Math
Guangzhong Chen Math
Julie Chesser Math
Elizabeth Condon Math
Stephen Firlik Math/Findlay
Baher Hanna Math/ Physics
Amelia Hermiller Math
Pamela Krompak Math
Laud Kwaku Math
Sarah Long Math
Sadia Makky Math
Elsie Newman Math
Charles Nicewonder Math
James Perry Math
Paul Pertner Math
Jamal Salahat Math
Matthew Seikel Math
Michael Senour Math
Michael Sprowls Math
Sean Stewart Math
Susan Sweney Math

Adjunct Instructors
Name Discipline Email
Almasri, Bassam Math
Anderson, Lois Math
Bazzi, Sam Math
Bdeiri, Imad Math
Bittner, Diana   Math
Bragg, Janet      Math
Bullimore, Douglas Math
Cassity, Patrick Math
Clark, Joseph     Math
Coyne, Kevin Math
Dabiri, Sigismund   Math
Drake, Elizabeth Math
Drake, William  Math
Dudgeon, William   Math
Ettinger, James Math
Fike, Stuart       Math
Fisher, John D.  Math
Flanagan, Kerry Math
Goel, Neena      Math
Grajczyk, John  Math
Griffith, Jeffrey  Math
Habib, Jeffrey   Math
Habib, Stuart     Math
Hebler, Steven        Math    
Hite, Edward    Math
Holas, Carl        Math
Horvath, Caroline   Math
Hudak, George Math
Hui, Chor                Math
Jaskolski, Roberta   Math
Kerecz, Daniel              Math
Killian, Robert              Math
Killian, Scott     Math
Knab, Kenneth  Math
Long, Sarah Math
Matten, Arthur Math
Mejri, Sami      Math
Menzie, Andrew  Math
Meyer, Timothy Math
Montgomery, John          Math
Myers, Peggy Math
Newman, Lawrence        Math
Noel, Mary           Math
Ogg, Deborah      Math
Park, Jennifer Math
Phelps, Jack     Math
Rhegness, Karen  Math
Rice, Fredrick Math
Romaker, Dana    Math
Rowe, James  Math
Rubin, Kerry  Math
Sarsour, Samir S.  Math
Shah, Nimisha Math
Smith, Donald      Math
Spivak, Alexander          Math
Stanley, Lori  Math
Stemen, Beryl      Math
Sweney, Robert   Math
Talebi, Ali Math
Thor, John       Math
Vayo, Susan   Math
Vora, Jaimini  Math
Wamer, Gaynell Math
Wilbarger, Jeffrey     Math
Williams, Heather Math
Xu, Yingjie (Jienny)        Math
Yousef, Abdel Math
Zasada, Ruth Math

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