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School of Arts and Sciences

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Mission - Social and Behavioral Sciences
To provide a process for students to be educated in human behavior through the disciplines related to economics, geography, government, psychology, and sociology.

Hours & Location
Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Location: Founders Hall 1109
Phone Number: (567) 661-7521

Interim Co-chair, Economics: Jeremy Baker
(567) 661-7521

Interim Co-chair, Psychology: Kristin Price
(567) 661-7521

Interim Co-chair, Geography, Anthropology, and Sociology: Scott Deaner
(567) 661-7521

Interim Co-chair, Political Sciences: Megan Kerr
(567) 661-7521

Department Secretary: Carol Cervenec
Location: FH 118
Phone Number: (567) 661-7521

Faculty Discipline Office Email
Jeremy Baker Economics FH 1085
Ann Butzin Psychology/Sociology FH 1089
Dennis Cole Sociology FH 1098
Lorry Cology Psychology FH 1090
L. Scott Deaner Geography FH 1091
Jackie Haskins Psychology FH 1095
Megan Kerr Political Science FH 1092
Jennifer Lamping Psychology EC 121  (F)
Kimberly Minke Psychology FH 1084
Marian Moore Sociology Findlay
Kristin Price Psychology FH 1096
Steven Ross Psychology FH 1097
Regina Siletti Sociology FH 1083
Denise Shuster Sociology FH 1081

Part-Time Faculty
Part-Time Faculty Discipline Email
Abele, Christoher Economics
Acors, Kara Government
Adams-Miller, Andrea Psychology
Alberda, Gayle Ann Government
Ballard, Chas. Louis Government
Bradley, Janet Economics
Burel, Carla Sociology
Byers, Christopher Sociology
Davis, Michelle Psychology
DeShetler, Stacey Psychology
Dinklage, Heather Psychology
Doyle, Larry Government
Ellenberg, Kevin Sociology
Gamble, Jarvis Government
Gamso, Jonas Sociology
Garman, Mary Economics & Government
Garza, Diane Sociology
Gulbis, Angelika Sociology
Gurney, Rebecca Psychology
Holleran, Shannon Psychology
Hunt, Imelda Sociology
Johnson, Tycie Psychology
Keen, Michelle Psychology
Kelley, Elizabeth Anthropology
Kelsch, Amanda Interdisciplinary Studies
Kiefner, Allison Psychology
Kiessling, Krista IDS & Sociology
Kissinger, Kendel Sociology
Klimas, Diana Psychology
Krause, Ted Sociology
Lambert, Nicole Sociology
Laurer, Elizabeth Psychology
Lee, Ruby Psychology
Mayfield-Guerrero, Tinola Interdisciplinary Studies
McClanahan, Dawn Government & Sociology
McConnell, James Government
McKinney, Molly Sociology
Mercer, Lynn Economics
Modrzynski, Ashley Sociology
Moran, Joseph Sociology
Newcomer, Richard Psychology
Nicholson, Jessica Psychology
Norman, Dennis Psychology
Oberleitner, David Psychology
Oehlhof, Marissa Psychology
Olson, Chad Sociology
Palko, Peter Psychology
Perry, Howard Economics
Pollex, Robert Government
Poole, Michelle Sociology
Purdy, Dean Sociology
Quintana-Ishaque, Claudia Economics
Rainey, Kevin Psychology
Raszka, David Government
Raymond, Jack Sociology
Rizza, Mary Psychology
Rush, Angela Government
Russell, Carol Psychology
Sappington, Randy Psychology
Schroeder, Liz Psychology
Sferra, Chrisann Economics
Sherick, Amber Psychology
Shrewsberry, Andrea Government
Spalding, John Psychology
Taylor-Gerken, Polly Psychology
Thomson, Andrea Sociology
Vail, James Government
Warnick, Ashlie Economics & Government
Weaver, Ryan Psychology
Westwood, Matthew IDS & Psychology
Wolford, Katherine Psychology

Programs Offered

Psychology Concentration Transfer
Sociology Concentration Transfer

Courses Taught in the Department


  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Physical Anthropology


  • Principles of Economics
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics


  • Comparative Government
  • American Government
  • State and Local Government
  • Contemporary Global Issues


  • Human Geography
  • Geography of the US and Canada
  • World Regional Geography


  • Capstone Seminar
  • Service Learning Capston


  • Prof/Career Issues Psychology
  • General Psychology
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Psychology of Childhood
  • Social Psychology
  • Intro to Human Sexuality
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Intro to Gerontology
  • Life Span Psychology
  • Educational Psychology


  • Sociology
  • Social Problems
  • Marriage and the Family
  • Multicultural Diversity in US
  • Criminology
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Medical Sociology
  • Women and Work
  • Sociology of Religion

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