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Credit by Proficiency Exam

A proficiency is an examination designed to measure the student's level of knowledge and/or skill in the content covered by a given course or courses. Passing a proficiency examination replaces the need for a student to actually register for and complete a course or courses in a program. As long as a student has met the College's graduation residency requirement, there is no limit placed upon the number of credit hours a student may obtain via proficiency examinations. The following experiences are representative of those that may prepare a student to successfully complete a proficiency examination:

  1. The student has had extensive high school work above the normal curriculum, which would make certain basic courses repetitious.
  2. The student has, through actual work experience, attained the knowledge and competency of skills required in certain courses.
  3. The student has taken course work at another institution of post-secondary education, which is not transferable, but has given him/her sufficient background to make certain courses repetitious.
  4. The student has completed coursework in an apprenticeship or vocational program.
  5. The student has completed studies in a civil or military training program.

Course Proficiency Examinations

The College's academic faculty has prepared proficiency examinations for many courses offered within their respective departments and programs. These examinations may be oral or written and may, in certain circumstances, require the demonstration of laboratory skills. A proficiency examination may be attempted only one time per course. Students enrolled in courses beyond the designated drop date(s) cannot petition for proficiency exams in those courses. If a student has completed a course by regular enrollment and received a grade (A, B, C, D, F, I, P/NC, or F/NC), they are not eligible to take a proficiency examination for that course. Moreover, a student's failure of the first course in a sequence forfeits their right to take proficiency examinations for subsequent course in the sequence. Students also should note that locally developed and administered proficiency tests, such as the College's proficiency examinations, provide credit at the local institution, but may not be transferable to other colleges.

To be eligible for proficiency examinations, a prospective student must have completed all Enrollment Services application steps and be eligible for registration. A picture identification is required of all students at the time a proficiency examination is administered. All proficiency examinations are administered by a full-time employee of the College and must be completed within two weeks of proficiency application date.

For more information regarding application procedures and courses available for proficiency, please contact the Office of Enrollment Services.

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