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Information Systems Tech Prep Programs

Earn Credits Now!
Earn credits toward a degree or technical certificate for the classes you are currently taking in high school.

By participating in a Tech Prep program area and taking a Tech Prep assessment, you may be eligible to receive Owens Community College credit.

Check out how to become involved at your high school. If you are already involved in Tech Prep and want to know more about your assessment results, contact the Tech Prep office at:

Like Plants? The program is looking for people to work with all aspects of horticulture while learning about computers, science and business.

Let's face it, technology is the key to success these days. Learn how to use the computer as a tool while preparing for business careers in computer support, office administration, management and accounting.

Diversified Career Technology
Develop your skills in leadership, communication and management both in the classroom and by working in a job. Earn while you learn.

It makes the world go round! Prepare for careers in travel & tourism, real estate and sales.

If you picture yourself working in the healthcare field, start off with the health program and specialize in the many different health related careers at the community college or technical centers and beyond.

Industrial and Technical
Get to work with the latest in technology. Specialize in technical fields such as drafting, electronics, graphics and technical theater production, computer programming, info technology.

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