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Fine and Performing Arts

Carey E. Marten

Carey Marten

Assistant Professor and Program Facilitator, Commercial Art

Classes Taught:

  • ART 215 Digital Design and Typography
  • CRT 105 Micro Concepts and Apps for Mac
  • CRT 120 Vector Graphic Design
  • CRT 125 Electronic Page Layout
  • CRT 225 World Wide Web Design

Carey Marten has been teaching in the Commercial Art program since August 2003. She was hired full-time in August 2006 and is currently an Assistant Professor and Facilitator for the program.

"Working at Owens has been an honor and a privilege. My students and my colleagues challenge me to be the best instructor I can be, enabling me to enhance my teaching skills and knowledge," said Marten.

Marten graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Master of Education majoring in Career and Technology Education in August of 2004. She also is a 2002 graduate from BGSU with a Bachelor of Science in Technology, specializing in Visual Communication Technology. Like many of her students, she too started her education at a two-year community college, where she received an Associate of Applied Science degree specializing in Graphics from Terra Community College.

Marten does the majority of her freelance work for her hometown of Bellevue Ohio, where she designs many different types of materials from print to multimedia. She designed the 2010 Northwest Ohio Aids Walk logo that was held at International Parkway in Toledo. Marten's freelance design work is an important part of how she keeps current with design trends and programs.

"My favorite aspect about teaching at Owens is the students. Students at Owens seem to be more motivated to achieve a higher level of learning. There are also such a wide variety of different types of students. I like to think that students are not just learning from me, but I'm learning from them as well," said Marten.

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