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Fine and Performing Arts

David Cantor

Dark Room Manager
Full-Time Staff
Phone: 567-661-2674
Office: FPA 205L

David A. Cantor, a native of New York City, is the Manager of the Photography Darkroom, where in addition to maintaining a 36 enlarger station facility he instructs students in lab techniques in class and open lab settings.

Prior to working at Owens, Cantor spent thirty years working primarily in photojournalism including participation in Pulitzer prize winning journalism at The Blade and The New York Times.

After being educated in the New Bauhaus process at Hamilton College, Cantor moved to New York City and worked in graphic, commercial and color lab photography settings acquiring a broad range of film based photography skills. Upon returning to the streets in news photography, he also spent six years as a writer/photographer at the official magazine for the union of uniformed patrol officers of the NYPD. This was followed by six years stringing for both Agence France-Presse and the Associated Press, with one submission to the Pulitzer prize, as well as the local NYC press.

Following the development of technology, Cantor then joined the desk of The New York Times as a contract staff editor on their picture desk and participated in the beginning of that paperŐs transition from film to digital technology. He continued this process over a dozen years at The Blade, adding the mentoring of photo interns at the paper and emerging photographers through the auspices of the National Press Photographers Association to his interests.

Throughout his career, Cantor has pursued numerous personal film-based photography projects ranging from street photography, landscape and urban panoramas to a number of seasons spent with the Mud Hens utilizing non-traditional cameras.


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