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Fine and Performing Arts

Nanette Honsberger

Department Secretary
Fine and Performing Arts
Phone: 567-661-7081

Nanette Honsberger started her career at Owens Community College in 2000. She began working in the Facility Services Department and just this year transferred to the Department of Fine and Performing Arts. Prior to working at Owens, she was a Secretary at an architectural firm and also worked in Marketing and Human Resources in a multi-disciplined engineering firm.

Honsberger graduated from Davis College in 1986 with an Associates of Applied Business Degree, majoring in Administration. Prior to college, she graduated from E.L. Bowsher High School here in Toledo (the old one, not the new one). She has two daughters, one of whom is in her second year here at Owens, enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program.

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