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Fine and Performing Arts

Sally Welch

Classes Taught:

  • CRT 115 Digital Imaging
  • CRT 241 Advanced Graphic Design and History

Sally Welch earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Toledo and a Master of Arts in New Media from Bowling Green State University. As a practicing commercial artist for more years than she cares to admit and faculty member at Owens for almost 25, she has personally experienced the major technological changes in the industry.

She started her career as a witness to the change from letterpress to the offset printing process. The publishing industry changed from printing with lead type, to setting single lines of type on photo compositors and pasting each column together with halftones and headlines into a page format. In a sweeping technological tidal wave, the WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) paradigm emerged with the Macintosh computer platform in 1984. More than five hundred years of print technology was replaced with the click of a mouse.

"More than 25 years later, desktop publishing is a way of life. Most people have some sort of computing system and many publish newsletters on paper or blogs on line. However, graphic design principles combined into a curriculum of hands-on teaching of the major software programs is necessary to advance a career in the design field. This is what the Commercial Art Program at Owens Community College is all about," said Welch.

Having taught classes in video, multimedia, web design, page layout, graphic design and digital imaging, Welch is partial to the last two. With the growth of the program and the addition of many new classes and sections, she has been afforded the opportunity to concentrate on them.

"I look forward to all the future advances that desktop publishing technology will offer the design student, and as a professor, I intend to practice what I teach," said Welch.

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