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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn the clinical competencies that are necessary to take the CT exam?

The medical imaging department is able to accommodate some students who are seeking the ability to earn the clinical competencies to take the ARRT exam in computed tomography. Students are assisted on a case by case basis and may have to interview for clinical placement. Students may be able to arrange clinical placement through their employer.

Must I be licensed in the state of Ohio for employment?

Yes, in the state of Ohio and nearly every other state in the United States, individuals working with ionizing radiation in a healthcare setting must be licensed. In Ohio, as in most states, once graduates pass the ARRT Computed Tomography Exam they submit that credential to the Ohio Department of Health, along with a fee, and their license will be issued.

Can I take an exam to become credentialed in CT after I complete the program?

Yes, to become credentialed as a computed tomography technologist individuals must take and pass a national registry examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). To maintain this credential registrants must submit 24 hours of continuing education to the ARRT every 24 months. For additional information please see

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