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Dental Assisting Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Employment opportunities:

The Dental Assisting Profession offers opportunities with excellent income and flexible scheduling. While most Dental Assistants work in general and specialty dental offices, alternative career opportunities are available. These include public health departments, community programs and clinics.

Course of studies include:

Dental Assisting is a one-year hands-on certificate. The Certificate Program provides the student with opportunities to acquire knowledge in the area of dental terminology, dental materials, radiography, and chairside assisting. Courses also include infection control, instrument sterilization and disinfection. Classroom sessions are complemented by planned practical experiences in the On-campus and off-site dental clinic and dental offices. Students should be aware that fine motor skills and dexterity to manipulate dental materials and instruments in the oral cavity are required to pass required competencies.

How do I apply?

  • Program admission is special and requires submission of a complete application file that includes an application to the College, high school transcripts or GED record.
  • Students must have any developmental courses completed to be accepted in the Dental Assisting Certificate.

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