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Dental Assisting Certificate

Non-Academic Readmission Policy

Students who leave the program for other than academic reasons may request readmission and be readmitted providing there is an opening in the program.

Academic Readmission Policy

A student requesting readmission after dismissal for academic reasons must complete the following before being reconsidered.

  1. The student must contact the Office of Academic Enhancement and Counseling for assistance in the development of a written academic plan to resolve the academic problems.
  2. The following requirements must be included in the academic plan:
    1. A grade of "C" or better must be earned in all courses that apply to the studentís chosen major.
    2. The GPA must be a 2.0 or above.
  3. The Department Chair and the Dean must approve the academic plan.
  4. After completion of the above, the Department Chair will review the request for admission and the student may be readmitted if there is an opening in the program.
  5. No second readmission will be considered.

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