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Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program, General Concentration

Clinical Affiliation Sites

The program is offered in cooperation with the clinical sites listed below. Students are required to participate in 1,250 hours of clinical education. Students will be assigned to a variety of clinical education centers during the second year of the program.

  • Promedica Bay Park Community Hospital
  • Bellevue Hospital
  • Blanchard Valley Hospital
  • Firelands Medical Center
  • Fremont Memorial Hospital
  • Fulton County Health Center
  • Henry County Hospital
  • Lima St. Rita’s Hospital
  • Lima Memorial Hospital
  • St. Anne’s Mercy Hospital
  • St. Charles Mercy Hospital
  • St. Luke’s Hospital
  • St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center
  • The Toledo Hospital
  • Promedica Flower Hospital
  • University of Toledo Medical Center
  • University of Michigan Health System
  • Wood County Hospital

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