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Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program, General Concentration

Physical Requirements

Documentation of the following must be in the medical imaging office by the due date. Deadlines are strictly enforced. Getting the necessary testing completed is not enough, students must also submit the documentation to the office to be in compliance.

The following are clinical health requirements for students enrolled in any medical imaging program:

  1. A physical examination yearly -- $50
  2. Proof of immunity or exposure to the following communicable diseases:
    1. Rubella, Rubeola (not required if born prior to 1957), and Varicella -- $25
    2. Hepatitis B Surface Antigen or Antibody -- $40 each
      Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, no more than three months prior to the beginning of the series, or during the series if the series has been started but not completed.
      Hepatitis B Antibody if the series is complete upon entrance to the medical imaging department.
  3. Immunizations:
    1. Tetanus/Diphtheria with a booster required every ten years, date required. -- $24
    2. Measles, Mumps, Rubella titre (MMR) -- $25 each
      -- Dates of two immunizations after the age of 1 year. However, if rubella and rubeola titers are positive for immunity, 2 dates are not required.
  4. Hepatitis B, series of 3 immunizations, dates required. --$150 total
    Students are responsible to submit the date of each of the 3 immunizations as soon as each dose is administered and to ensure that the series is completed in the proper time frame. There should be no more or no less than 1 month between the first and second injection and no more or no less than 5 months between the second and third injection. Failure to adhere to the required time frame for each immunization may result in additional lab testing, and in some cases, restarting the entire immunization series.

    Students who do not receive the series must sign a waiver form, have a Hepatitis Surface Antigen test yearly and submit the results to the medical imaging department.
  5. Tuberculosis Skin Testing:
    1. A Two-Step PPD (Mantoux Test) is required every three years. -- $25
    2. One-Step PPD is required each year, in the intervening years. -- $15
    3. -- Date test administered, date read, and result of each step must be submitted.
      Students are responsible for getting a One-Step PPD annually and submitting the results. A Chest X-Ray is required only if the Mantoux is positive. X-Rays must be done for three consecutive years after the positive test.
  6. 10-Panel Drug Screen yearly -- $40
  7. CPR -- $80
    All students must be certified in CPR either through the American Heart Association (AHA) - Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers or the American Red Cross - certification for Health Science Professionals.

All costs are the responsibility of the student. Failure to comply will result in denied access to the clinical area.

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