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Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program, General Concentration

Technical Standards

These standards have been developed to better define the requirements necessary for a student sonographer to function in the laboratory, classroom and clinical setting.

Students must:

  1. Observe patients, manipulate equipment, and evaluate image quality.
    1. Skillfully use precision instruments
    2. Observe and evaluate (i.e., patient gait, skin changes)
    3. Observe changes in equipment operation (i.e., smell, overheating, incorrect meter readings)
    4. Differentiate primary colors
    5. Differentiate shades of gray
    6. Distinguish real-time movement
  2. Assess patient needs and communicate with other health care providers.
    1. Secure information (i.e., questioning of patients, confidential records)
    2. Describe changes in activity, mood, and posture
    3. Respond to instructions
    4. Differentiate Doppler signals
    5. Adjust to changing environments
  3. Exercise independent judgment and discretion in the safe technical performance of sonographic imaging procedures.
    1. Function effectively under stress

The work involves risks or discomfort that requires special safety precautions, additional safety education and health risk monitoring (infectious disease). Students are required to use protective clothing or gear such as masks and gloves.

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