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Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary Certificate (EFDA)

Frequently Asked Questions

Employment opportunities:

The Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary (EFDA) Certificate is designed to prepare graduates for positions in private practice dental offices, dental clinics; federal, state and municipal health departments; and correctional institutions. The Ohio State Dental Board allows Certified Dental Assistants and Licensed Dental Hygienists to take this training. Emphasis is placed on sealants, amalgam restorations, composite restorations and temporary restorations. Students will receive instruction and hands-on experience in expanded functions of dentistry. Once the training is complete, the student must take a state written and practical exam to demonstrate proficiency in placement of dental restorations. 

Course of studies include:

Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary Certificate is a one-year hands-on certificate. The Certificate Program provides the student with opportunities to acquire knowledge in the area of dental anatomy, oral histology, manipulation of dental materials, infection control & material safety review, instrument sterilization and disinfection. Concepts of occlusion, isolation and ergonomics are also covered.  Lab sessions are complemented by planned practical experiences in the on-campus and off-site dental clinic and dental offices. Students should be aware that fine motor skills and dexterity to manipulate dental materials and instruments in the oral cavity are required to pass required competencies.

How do I apply?

  • All candidates MUST be a Certified Dental Assistant, Registered Dental Hygienist or Foreign Trained Dentist and show proof of current credentials.
  • The program accepts 15 students once each year. Applicants who do not meet admission requirements or who have applied after the program selection is completed must request re-evaluation for admission to the program after completion of requirements.
  • All students must receive a grade of “C” or higher in each EFDA course with the exception of Dental Anatomy, which requires an 85% or better to remain in the program. Students who receive a “D” or lower in an EFDA course may be readmitted only one time on a space available basis.
  • Students must be at least 18 years old to enter the program.

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