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Culinary Arts Certificate

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Culinary Arts Certificate

Offered on the Toledo-area Campus, this program is designed to develop and increase food preparation skills and competencies in the food service and culinary art field. Students in this program are trained in the classroom and culinary lab for entry-level positions in the food preparation and service areas of hotels, motels, restaurants, clubs, commercial and private caterers, restaurant chains, institutions and resorts. Students may apply certificate credits toward an associate degree in the Culinary Arts Program.

Course Offerings
Most courses are offered fall and spring semesters, with select courses offered during the summer. See the College Catalog for required courses.

For additional information on opportunities in Food Service and Culinary Management, explore these professional organizations:

Culinary Salaries
Salaries for chefs or head cooks vary widely, depending on the geographic location and type of employer. Upscale, fine dining restaurants usually pay some of the highest wages. Other employers that offer higher end salaries are individuals who hire private chefs, hotels and resorts. Institutional cafeterias, casual or fast food restaurants, and cruise ships tend to be among the lowest paying employers.

Salary Ranges for Graduates of Culinary School
Your certificate will certainly give you an advantage over non-culinary school graduates. Remember your level of experience and geographic location will influence your salary.

Sources: National Restaurant Association, Salaries.com, US Bureau of Labor Statistics and Bizstats.com.

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