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Culinary Arts Certificate

Faculty & Staff

The Culinary Arts Certificate faculty are highly-skilled professionals who are devoted to student success. Faculty not only brings teaching skills but real-world experience to the classroom, making the learning environment a perfect balance of hands-on and academic training.


  • Joann Gruner, MBA, RD, LD

Full Time Faculty

  • Chef William Powell, MAE, CCC
  • Chef Gretchen Fayerweather, MAT
  • Mary Beck, MED, RD, LD
  • Chef Kelly Wolfe, AST, Diploma of Pastry Arts LeCordon Blue London

Manager of Culinary Operations

  • William Belkofer, AAS, AAB

Part Time Faculty

  • William Belkofer, AAS, AAB
  • Dennis Gnage, MBA
  • Chef Andrea Lawrence, AOS w/ LeCordon Blue honors
  • Chef Timothy Naylor, BS
  • Loreene Pettaway, BS


  • Linda Flowers, MH

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