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Medical Coding Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Medical Coders Do?
The medical coder assigns numerical codes to diagnoses, symptoms and operative procedures as well as to medical procedures according to standard coding guidelines and code sets.

Is it possible be credentialed as a coder?
Yes, the American Health Information Management Association provides certificate examination to become a Certified Coding Associate (CCA).  Our Medical coding certificate prepares you to take this exam.

What is a Certified Coding Associate (CCA) and what type of work do they perform?
The credentials of CCA indicate that you have formal education in coding, but do not have experience in coding.  The CCA will specialize in coding diagnoses, surgical and medical procedures  in patient records for reimbursement and research.  

What do I need to become a CCA?
Formal education in medical coding.   Earning a credential validates your competence as an HIM professional to employers and the public.

How long is the medical coding certificate?
Full time students can complete the program in one year (3 semesters). Part-time students are required to complete the program in three years from when they enter the program.

What do I have to do to get into the program?
Apply for admission to Owens Community College
Submit official high school transcript or GED and college transcripts (if applicable). Completion of ACT or SAT. Provide evidence of high school algebra and chemistry with a “C” grade or better.
Request evaluation for admission in to the Medical Certificate Program through the selective admission process.  You will receive notification that your file is complete and if you have been admitted into the program  based on the selective admission criteria.

Will I be able to work while attending the program? Is the program offered in the evenings or weekends?
Students in the program have found having a part-time or full time job is manageable, but does require excellent time management skills. 
Courses are offered during the day and evening if only offered in the classroom setting.  75% of the courses in this program are offered on-line.   There are no weekend course offerings.

Where does an CCA find employment?
CCA’s find employment in a variety of settings including: acute care hospitals, office-based physician practices, nursing homes, home health agencies, mental health facilities, public health agencies.  An CCA may be employed in any organization that must use medical coding for reimbursement and research.

What type of salary can a CCA expect to receive?
Most new medical coders $20,000 to $25,000. These figures are just averages with many professionals reporting higher salaries.

If I decide to continue my education, are there associate degree programs available in this field?
The next step in furthering your education in this field would be to consider an associate degree in health information technology. The courses offered in our certificate program transfer into or also required in the associate degree of applied science with a major in Health Information Technology.

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