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Background Check Requirements

All students entering the radiography program are required to have completed a background check through the Department of Public Safety at Owens Community College. Students will be required to have additional back ground checks throughout their enrollment in the program. Students will be notified when it is time to complete this requirement.

Anytime a background check is returned with a conviction of a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, and / or felony, or plea of solo contendere, withheld or deferred adjudication, suspended or stay of sentence or military court-martial, students will be required to submit a pre-application review to the American Association of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) within two weeks. Those students affected will be required to submit documentation from the ARRT to the Medical Imaging Department indicating that they have been cleared to take the certification exam upon graduation.

The medical imaging department administrator at the clinical affiliates will be contacted regarding a conviction. The clinical affiliate reserves the right to accept or refuse the student. Depending on the results, clinical placement may not be possible, even if the ARRT clears the student for credentialing purposes.

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