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Occupational Therapy Assistant Program

Background Check Requirements

The OTA program does not require a background check for admission. However, the Ohio General Assembly passed Senate House Bill 160, which requires certain employers to obtain criminal background checks on potential providers of direct patient care for older adults. The Governor signed this Bill and since has been interpreted by some health care facilities as applicable to students in training for patient care occupations. As a result, during training at Owens Community College students will be asked to complete consent forms and undergo criminal background checks including fingerprinting prior to beginning fieldwork experiences. There is a cost associated with this background check that is paid for by the student. Failure to sign a consent form or complete a background check will jeopardize the student's placement for fieldwork training and may impact upon the student's ability to complete graduation requirements.

The student also is advised that conviction of a felony may prohibit placement in a suitable training site. In addition, some licensing agencies restrict eligibility for licensure and/or licensure examinations based upon an individual's criminal background.

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