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Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a waiting list for the PTA Program?

  • The PTA Program does not maintain a waiting list. Each year the top twenty-six students are offered admission based on admissions points. If a student is not accepted, he/she may apply in subsequent years. However, no preference is given to previous applicants. For further information about admissions points, please contact the Admissions Office at (567) 661-7777 to request an appointment with a Health Technologies admissions

Is it possible for a student to be accepted into the program right out of high school?

  •  Students may enter the program directly out of high school or having taken some college courses. Determination of admissions points for each scenario is different since high school students do not get points for having taken college classes. Any student who has completed less than twelve college credits will be assessed using the high school applicant point scale. If a student has graduated high school within the past two years and has taken courses totaling twelve or more college credits, he/she will be assessed as a high school applicant and as a college applicant. Then the higher point score will be used for the admission decision.

Can a program graduate work as a PTA without a license?

  • After graduation from an accredited physical therapy education program, candidates must pass a state-administered national exam to obtain licensure or certification required in most states. Some states may have different requirements according to physical therapy practice acts or state regulations. The states of Ohio and Michigan require candidates to pass national and state licensure exams. More information about PTA licensure/certification requirements can be found on the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) web site:

Is it possible to take the state licensing test and practice as a PTA if one has a past felony conviction?

  • This is handled on a case by case basis. A student should contact the licensing board in the state in which he/she wished to practice. In Ohio, contact the Ohio Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Athletic Trainers Board at or (614) 466-3774.

Regarding the licensing exam, what are the associated costs and can it be repeated?

  •  Costs associated with licensure including payment for the national licensing exam and state licensing exam, BCI and FBI background checks, state application, and Prometric test site testing fees. Depending on the state, total costs could be in the $600.00-$650.00 range.
  •  If a student does not pass the national licensing exam, he/she may repeat it three times in one year.

Will classes taken at another college transfer in for this program?

  • Students should submit transcripts from all schools attended as part of their admissions application. General education courses completed will be evaluated to determine if credit is granted for Owens Community College classes. See this link for further information:
  • It is possible to appeal the decision if credit is not granted for a course. An appeal form can be found at this link:
  • It is important to get transfer credit prior to the admissions deadline so that admissions points are granted for completion of equivalent general education courses required by the PTA Program.
  • Note that no transfer credit will be given for specific Physical Therapist Assistant Program courses designated by PTA in the course code.

What salary can a physical therapist assistant expect?

  • The median salary for a physical therapist assistant is $45,000 depending on position, years of experience, degree of education, geographic location, and practice setting. (Source: APTA 2009 Median Income of Physical Therapist Assistants Summary Report.)

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