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Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program

Selective Admissions Criteria

To be evaluated for admission into the Physical Therapist Assistant Program, you must have a complete file in the Records Office by the May 15th deadline. Evaluation does not mean automatic admission. The top 26 applicants are accepted each year. Assessment is based upon factors including overall GPA, Math/Science GPA, PTA program general education courses completed as well as grades earned, and SAT or ACT scores. Students may be accepted with a high school degree or having already taken college courses. Requirements include evidence of high school or college algebra with a “C” grade or better and evidence of high school or college chemistry or biology or physics with a “C” grade or better. Students cannot begin specific PTA coursework until they are accepted in the program. Prior to acceptance, many students complete coursework required for the Arts and Science electives.

To be evaluated for the program, prior to the application admission deadline a student must:

  • Complete an Owens Community College Admissions Application.
  • Complete a Request for Evaluation Form
  • Complete twenty-four observation hours according to the directions in this document
  • Arrange to have transcripts and ACT/SAT scores submitted to Owens Community College.

It is strongly suggested that students contact the Admissions Office at (567) 661-7777 to request an appointment with a Health Technologies admissions officer to discuss PTA Selective Admissions.

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