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Surgical Program

Employment Opportunities

Approximately 91% of the graduates of the surgical technology program reported (2007 - 2010) being employed in their field of study or a closely related field within 6 months of graduation. The majority of graduates obtain employment at facilities that are engaged as clinical sites. While most graduates choose to be employed locally, some are working in Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, Virginia and Washington D.C., opportunities are nationwide. Graduates can be employed in acute care facilities, out-patient facilities, physician office/private scrub, purchasing and material management departments, labor and delivery area, surgical sales and instrument processing. Career titles include: Scrub Surgical Technologist, circulating SurgicalTechnologist, and Second Assisting Technologist

In a recent study on the job outlook for surgical technologists published by the US Department of Labor's bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), they report: employment is expected to grow much faster that average. Job opportunities will be best for technologists who are certified and for those who are willing to relocate. Employment of surgical technologists is expected to grow 25 percent between 2008 and 2018, much faster that the average for all occupations, as the volume of surgeries increases. The number of surgical procedures is expected to continue to rise at the population grows and ages. Significant points made by the BLS hat have been published at

  • The mean hourly wage is $19.57
  • The mean annual wage is $40,710

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