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Surveying Technology

Advisory Committee

Steve Colony Ohio Dept. of Transportation
Robert Ernsberger, P.S. J.C. Andrus & Associates (Retired)
Dean Frederick, P.E., P.S. D. R. Frederick & Associates
Duane Heck, P.S. Feller Finch & Associates, Inc.
Ray Huber, P.E., P.S. Wood County Engineers
W. Robert Kusmer, P.S. Kusmer & Associates
Patrick Leonhardt, P.S. G. B. Warnke & Associates
Chris LeRoy Ohio Department of Transportation
Ted Muns City Blueprint of Toledo
Thomas Silva, P.S. R. D. Zanda & Associates, Inc.
George Warnke, Jr., P.S. Monroe County Road Commission
Kevin Weilnau G. B. Warnke & Associates
Varies by semester Student Representative

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