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Automotive Service Management Major


Tracy Campbell, A.A.S., Owens State Community College; B.S., Franklin University

Full-Time Faculty:
Michael (Rick) Francis, B.S., Northern Arizona University; M.Ed., University of Toledo; Professor
Rick Frazier, AAS Owens Community College, Instructor
Richard Hausmann, A.D., Stautzenberger College; B.S., Northern Montana College; Associate Professor
Jeff Howard, A.A.S., Owens Community College; Assistant Professor
Del Lockhart, Instructor
Dave Matheny, A.A.S., Owens State Community College; Assistant Professor
Nicholas Shultz, Instructor

Truck Driving Academy:
Willard Wolford, A.A.S., Owens Community College, Manager

Lab Technician:
Thomas McRitchie
Ben Frazier, A.A.S., Owens Community College
John Larde

Tool Room:
Greg Zajac, Supervisor
Jason Sahloff, A.A.S., Owens Community College

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