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John Deere Technician Major

Course requirements

Students in this program will take courses in the following areas:

  • Basic Hydraulics
  • Basic Electrical
  • Combines
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning
  • Advanced Hydraulics
  • Seeding and Tillage
  • Advanced Electrical
  • AMS ( Ag Management Systems)
  • Powertrains
  • Fuels
  • Electro/Hydraulics
  • Advanced Powertrains
  • Capstone (Student projects)
  • Also courses in various Gen Ed subjects.

Necessary certifications necessary for graduation include:

  • JD Electrical Certification
  • JD Hydraulic Certification
  • ASE Air Conditioning Certification
  • MSDS Safety Certification
  • 90% of your first level certification at the dealer.
  • (The remaining 10% must be done at the dealer.)

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