School of Liberal Arts

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The School of Liberal Arts offers a broad range of degrees, concentrations, certificates and courses that will prepare you for either a college degree or the workforce.

We offer courses that parallel those offered at 4-year institutions leading to a degree or transfer, including:

We feature hundreds of courses that complement the College's technical curricula and build on the General Education competencies of communication, problem solving, and accessing and interpreting information, thus preparing you for an ever-changing world. Bolstered by faculty dedicated to your success, we present a wide variety of academic options for your consideration and completion.

Contact us at (567) 661-7546
Teacher Education and Social Work (567) 661-7283
Jeremy Meier
Chair, Fine and Performing Arts
(567) 661-7277
Ramona Olvera
Chair, Social and Behavioral Sciences
(567) 661-7059
Diane Routson
Assistant Chair, Humanities
(567) 661-7055
Michael Sander
(567) 661-7545

Contact Advisors
Eric Slater
General Education
(567) 661-2624
Douglas Maas
Fine and Performing Arts
(567) 661-7419
Denise Brehmer
Teacher Education and Social Work
(567) 661-2139

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The scholarships found on this webpage are specific to degrees within the School of Liberal Arts. Although procedures and deadlines vary, many scholarship applications require the student to write an essay. Tips for writing a scholarship essay are available from the Writing Center.

In addition to these scholarships there are a variety local opportunities that offer tuition reimbursement based on academic achievement; and other financial aid programs, scholarships and on-campus employment opportunities available at Owens Community College. For more information, visit the College scholarship website.