Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) Certificate

Thank you for your interest in the Practical Nursing program! This program has selective admission requirements. A complete file is needed before an evaluation can occur. You can track your file completion under “My Required Documents” in your Ozone account.

If you wish to be evaluated for a selective health program, you must complete the “Request for Health Evaluation” in your Ozone account. If you were previously evaluated and denied, you must complete a new evaluation request. Results of the evaluation will be sent to your Omail account about 2-3 weeks from the complete file deadline date.

The number of days that applicants have to respond to the email regarding their selective admissions status and accept or decline their seat is 7 days for all programs. Applicants are able to select a seat in only one program, but accept an unlimited amount of seats as an alternate in other programs.

All high school level course requirements must be at least one high school credit. All science courses must contain a lab section.

The following are required for a complete file:

  • Completed Admissions application
  • An official copy of HS or GED transcript
  • Official college transcripts (from other colleges)
  • Evidence of HS algebra course (or higher) with a C or better
  • Evidence of HS chemistry course (or higher) with a C or better
  • Successful completion of the TEAS test (50% or higher on all four parts)
  • 2.0 overall Owens Community College cumulative grade point average

Deadline dates:

  • January 15 for Fall start*

deadline date may be extended is seats remain available.