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Adult Students

Congratulations! You've made the decision to improve your life. Now allow Owens Community College to help you.

Whether you are a working adult, a single parent, a displaced worker or an adult with a complex life situation, Owens is here for you.

You have options. You can take a class or two to advance your skills, or earn an entire degree, which takes two years full time and varies in length if you attend college part time. You also can earn a specialized certificate, which is more focused on training needed for the workplace.

Owens offers classes during the days, nights and weekends at four locations, or you can take classes online at your convenience. You'll choose what works in your busy schedule.

You'll also benefit from support in the Tutoring Services, which offers free one-on-one or small group tutoring.

On the Findlay-area Campus, you'll have access to child care services.

Owens wants you to meet your goals. It's your life, so go for it: Earn a degree or certificate; or complete a few classes to help you advance in your current career.

Now, get started!

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