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Antonio Castillo, Sr.
Antonio Castillo, Sr.
School Resource Officer
Oregon Police Division
1988 Owens Graduate

"My solid Owens education was the foundation for my career."

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Profile of Excellence:
Antonio Castillo, Sr.
Owens Community College Alumnus
In 1984, as a Perrysburg High School sophomore, Tony Castillo was interested in law enforcement. After visiting Penta Career Center, Tony enrolled in Penta's program and made his career choice of becoming a police officer. That choice benefits many people in the City of Oregon and students of Clay High School today.

During Tony's senior year, a recruiter from Owens Community College visited Penta. Owens' transfer agreements with Penta enabled Tony to start Owens with college credits. Also, the scholarship opportunities combined with low-cost tuition made enrolling at Owens Community College an attractive choice. In Fall 1986, Tony became a full-time Owens Criminal Justice student.

Tony found classes contained practical experience and applicable knowledge taught in a setting conducive to learning. Owens courses, such as Constitutional Law, still hit home for Tony as being top-notch in preparing police officers. "An effective officer must understand constitutional rights, in order to uphold and apply the law," he says. "My solid Owens education was the foundation for my career."

By 1988, Tony was working an internship with the Perrysburg Police Department. His first patrol partner was Perrysburg Chief of Police Rick Gilts. Tony experienced the daily routines of an officer-completing task-oriented reports, dealing with the community and problem solving. He also quickly learned that law enforcement is not as depicted on TV. "Instead of gun fights with bad guys, my focus was community policing orientation," Tony explains. "I realized that through educating and empowering parents, positive change comes about for children."

In May 1988, Tony Castillo graduated from Owens Community College with his degree. After working for Washington Township Police Department for almost three years, Tony was hired by the Oregon Police Department. During his first seven years on the force, Tony worked the streets and did adult investigations for the Detective Bureau. Then in July 1998, the department created a new position of School Resource Officer for Clay High School. "I applied for the position and was selected," explains Tony. "To date, this has truly been the most rewarding position for me."

Since taking this position, Tony has made many contributions to Clay's faculty and staff, but most importantly, he has had a lasting impact on the students. By promoting a positive relationship between students and police, the goal is to develop long-term, good community citizens. Judging from the progress Tony has made in the six years at Clay, his passion, commitment and impact on our youth go far beyond the walls of the school and law enforcement.

Tony has been instrumental in the development and operations of the ACHIEVE Juvenile Diversion Program and Clay High School's Diversion Program. He is a charter member of the Oregon Community and Family Coalition, a group that seeks to promote healthy lifestyles for our community's youth and is a certified instructor of the Parent Project. "Parents are the greatest role model for children," says Tony. "We are here to support their efforts."

Tony Castillo brings his refreshing approach to policing that ultimately benefits our entire community today and tomorrow.

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