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 Amy Hansen
Amy Hansen
Imagine That Photo Inc.
1990 Graduate

"Going to Owens really paid off. I could get a good job in my area of interest in a much shorter time."

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Profile of Excellence: Amy Hansen
Owens Community College Alumna
Amy Hansen, a 1990 graduate, thinks enrolling at Owens Community College was a great choice. When she graduated from Clay High School, she wanted to go to college, but had to pay for tuition herself. After evaluating her options, she chose Owens. She could live at home while going to school and take advantage of the affordable tuition. Ultimately, she knew she would get into the job market quicker in her chosen field.

"Going to Owens really paid off," explains Amy. "I could get a good job in my area of interest in a much shorter time." During her first year, Amy went to school full time during the day and worked retail full-time in the evenings. In the spring as she approached the completion of her first year, Amy went to the annual Job Fair at Owens.

As a finance major, she had taken enough core classes to make herself marketable. She was hired full-time as the accounts payable specialist at Manpower's Corporate Office. She switched her schedule to work full time during the day and take classes full-time at night. "The flexibility of Owens' classes allowed me to flip my schedule, without a hitch," said Amy.

After working at Manpower for almost eight months, Amy was offered a similar position with Dana Corporation in their computer resale warehouse operation. At the time it was a hard choice to make, but Amy focused on the long-term possibilities. "I was offered the job, but they needed me right away," says Amy. "I had to make a quick choice."

Six months later, she graduated from Owens with her Associate Degree in Business, majoring in Finance. Shortly after, based on her strong work performance and willingness to take on additional responsibilities, she was promoted to accounting analyst. The choices she had made were definitely paying off. She was finding success in her profession and her employer was now paying for her continued education.

For the next 10 years, the opportunities and experience Amy enjoyed were immeasurable. At Dana Commercial Credit, she rose to the position of Assistant Treasurer where she monitored cash flow, bank activity and developed treasury processes for over $2 billion in assets.

As the corporate treasurer negotiated with banks to generate money to fund new business development, Amy handled the funds internally. Since the company was small, she experienced the business cycle first-hand. "I was able to gain the big picture perspective of treasury operations and to touch and feel it all," Amy says. "I loved every minute."

While Amy focused her full-time professional attention on bank loan compliance and improving secured documents to minimize fraud, she continued to perfect her second love -- photography. "From a very young age, I always had a camera in my hands," laughs Amy. Then in the early '90s, Amy made the choice to start her own company, Imagine That Photo Inc. In keeping with her past record, she is also proving to be a successful entrepreneur. She targets wedding and family photos, children and expectant mothers as well as commercial events.

Amy credits Owens Community College with her ability to make a quick entry into the job market and life. She made the right choice.

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