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     Andrea Ohrt

Andrea Ohrt
1992 Graduate

"Owens laid the foundation for what I have now. It gave me the drive I needed to continue my education."

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Profile of Excellence:
Andrea Ohrt
Owens Community College Alumna

Andrea Ohrt grew up in the Toledo area. She knew she wanted to be an accountant from an early age.

She attended the Vocational School at Whitmer High School and loved the small school feeling she got from being part of the 15-student accounting program. After graduating from high school, she had a choice to make.

Her father said that if she went to a two-year college, he would pay for it, but if she went to a four-year university, she would have to pay herself.

"I really wanted to go to four-year school, I didn't want to go to a community college, said Ohrt. I decided to get a job and pay for school myself."

She held several jobs and attended a local university in the area.

"As it turned out, I hated the big school," said Ohrt.

Her father suggested Owens Community College, but Ohrt was reluctant. She still wanted to go to a four-year school. She finally decided to give Owens a try and began taking classes in 1987.

"I loved it. Owens was perfect for me," said Ohrt.

She was able to work a full-time accounting job at a law firm, two part-time jobs and attend classes at Owens. She graduated in 1992 with an associates in Accounting Technology.

"I felt comfortable asking questions of my teachers. There was more one-on-one instruction and I felt like I had a voice," said Ohrt.

She finally had to admit to her Dad that he was right about Owens.

After graduation, she held a few accounting positions at area companies while attending the University of Toledo.

In 1995, she began as the Controller at Metzgers Printing + Mailing. In 2000, she graduated with a bachelor's degree in accounting. In 2001, she passed her Certified Public Accounting tests.

Today, she still works at Metzgers. She has seen the company grow from 25 employees to nearly 100 and add services and product lines.

She is in charge of the accounting department, bookkeeping, banking, financing and audit process and oversees two staff members and accounts receivable and accounts payable.

"Owens laid the foundation for what I have now. It gave me the drive I needed to continue my education," said Ohrt.

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