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Angie Pitt
Angie Pitt
Applications Support Specialist
Libbey, Inc.
2000 Graduate

"My life started heading in the right direction when I came to Owens Community College."

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Profile of Excellence: Angie Pitt
Owens Community College Alumna
Angie Pitt is a 2000 Owens graduate with an Associate of Applied Business degree, Computer Programming Technology major. She loves the mix of what Owens Community College offers-the feel of a big university with a large variety of degrees and the intimacy of a small college where she could get to know her professors and other students one-on-one. "Owens Community College is the perfect place," says Angie.

Prior to coming to Owens, Angie experienced a large university. As she sat in a lecture hall-50 rows back-struggling to understand the professor, she knew she was in the wrong place. Her parents recommended Owens and Angie made the change. "My life started heading in the right direction when I came to Owens Community College," she says.

Right away, Angie knew she had made the right choice. "I liked that I was getting into the meat of my degree within the first semester," she says. "This way, I eliminated the possibility that I could be a junior only to realize I had picked the wrong major."

Angie was impressed that Owens' classes taught cutting edge technology. This bull's eye focus is a result of Owens' Technology Advisory Board. This board, comprised of community and business professionals, gives input on emerging business trends and the IT resources needed to pursue those opportunities. From this, Owens designs an integrated curriculum to produce competent IT graduates.

Angie can testify that this approach works. After completing her second semester, she took a programming intern position at Libbey, Inc. Her Libbey supervisors were impressed with Angie's performance and in-depth knowledge of the AS400 operating system. "Many IT graduates have not been extensively exposed to AS400, " said Angie. "Because of Owens high-tech curriculum, I had a competitive advantage."

In January 2000, Angie began working at Libbey full time as an EDI Specialist and by May she graduated with her Owens degree. Then in January 2001, Angie began the University of Findlay degree completion program offered in conjunction with Owens. This program allows Owens graduates to transfer all of their credits to the University and obtain a four-year degree. All of the classes are offered either online or on Owens' Toledo campus. By May 2003, Angie had completed her Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Today, Angie has been with Libbey almost four years. She is in the process of moving to the Web Development Team and is prepared to tackle Internet, intranet and extranet projects utilizing JAVA, which she learned at Owens.

"I have a great life and I am truly benefiting from my education," Angie says. She calls her experience at Owens a blessing. She left with three major accomplishments-obtaining her degree, securing a good job and meeting her husband. Sound familiar? Angie is the beautiful brunette that alumnus Judson Pitt talked about in his June 15th Profile of Excellence.

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