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Amy Stone
Amy Stone
Consumer and Urban Horticulture Agent
Ohio State University Extension
1992 Owens Graduate

"At Owens I gained the basic building blocks that I need to do my job effectively. It is a great place to grow."

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Profile of Excellence: Amy Stone
Owens Community College Alumna
Amy Stone is a 1992 graduate of Owens Community College with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Landscape and Turf Management Technology. She came from a family where both sets of grandparents were farmers. During her senior year of high school, Amy took a horticulture class and her future had taken root. "A great opportunity fell into my lap," says Amy. "Owens Community College had just begun their Landscape and Turf Management program and it was a perfect fit."

While at Owens, Amy thrived. She describes the small class size as effective and the one-on-one instructor attention a definite advantage to the program. Citing the extensive field knowledge of the instructors, he or she could pull from real life experience to teach in the classroom.

During her last year of the program, Amy did her internship at the Detwiler Golf Course in Point Place. "All of the pieces fell into place," remembers Amy. "I could take what I was learning in the classroom and apply it on the job." Under the direction of the course superintendent, she performed the daily tasks from mowing, fertilizing, landscaping, planting and pruning to irrigation and pest control.

As Amy approached her graduation, Owens Associate Professor Chris Foley told her about a position with the Ohio State University Extension. The role of the extension agent is to disseminate research and educational information to the public. Years ago, the extension office's main focus was to funnel agricultural research to farmers. Today, this role has expanded to homeowners and family consumers and Amy heads up this effort for Lucas County.

As the agent, Amy coordinates the Master Gardener Program, which includes extensive education for the volunteers. These "green-thumb-wonders" work the horticulture hotline providing information and resources to local residents. This program is a user-friendly approach to translating scientific research into practical tips.

Additionally, Amy monitors the gypsy moth population in our area. Combining suppression and education, today the current levels have improved. Now her focus has shifted to an emerging threat-the Emerald Ash Borer. This invasive metallic wood-boring beetle from Asia has killed thousands of trees in Southeast Michigan and has been spotted in Lucas County. Amy is tracking potential sites and working with the Ohio Department of Agriculture to eliminate this beetle from our area. "At Owens I learned about insects and diseases," she says. "I use this knowledge everyday in our community."

After Owens, Amy went on to complete her Bachelor of Science and Masters Degree in Vocational Education. Armed with extensive knowledge, she still returns to what she learned at Owens to teach others. "At Owens I gained the basic building blocks that I need to do my job effectively," Amy said. "It is a great place to grow."

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