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     Bodie Bankey

Bodie Bankey
2010 Graduate

"I was able to work at my own pace and it allowed me to be more independent and learn to motivate myself."

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Associate of Technical Studies
Personal Training Certification


Profile of Excellence:
Bodie Bankey
Owens Community College Alumnus

Bodie Bankey lived in Bowling Green, Ohio for the last seven years. He was homeschooled for most of his education, but in high school, he attended a few classes at Bowling Green High School.

He was able to play football on the team and during his sophomore year, he decided to take advantage of post secondary education options, a program that permits students from high school to take college courses and earn credits toward a degree.

He signed up at Owens Community College. The first semester he took only one class online. He didn't know what he wanted to do yet, but thought this was a great way to get started.

"It was a bit overwhelming the first week or so, but once I figured out the discussion boards and the format of the class, it was a great experience," said Bankey.

Once he became accustomed to college life, he loved the learning experience.

"I was able to work at my own pace and it allowed me to be more independent and learn to motivate myself," said Bankey.

Bankey graduated Summa Cum Laude from Owens in Fall 2010 with an Associate of Technical Studies focused on criminal justice. He also earned his personal training certification from Owens and a certificate in Supervision.

He is also working on his bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Ohio University, through a partner program with Owens. Students can take a third year of classes at Owens and complete a fourth year at Ohio University online at a reduced rate to earn their bachelor's degree.

After that, he is thinking he would begin a master's program and continue to explore his career options.

Bodie is only 18 years old and since the law requires all law enforcement individuals who carry guns to be 21, he has some time to wait until he can start his career.

In the meantime, he works as a student worker in the Owens Student Health and Activities Center and a trainer at the Bowling Green Community Center.

"Post Secondary Option classes were a great way for me to explore career directions and discover what I wanted to do, while earning college credit," said Bankey.

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