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Christine Maas
Christine Maas
Medical Student
Medical University of Ohio

"I began college at Owens due to the excellent tuition, competent faculty, nurturing and supportive environment and the flexible class schedule."

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Profile of Excellence:
Christine Maas
Owens Community College Alumna
In 1997, Christine Maas, a current medical student at the Medical University of Ohio, did the unthinkable. Nearly 10 years out of high school, she courageously quit her full-time job with decent benefits to pursue higher education as a non-traditional student at Owens Community College.

"It was a very big decision," Christine said. "I looked at it as a big leap forward. I knew that I was capable of more and wanted to make a solid investment in my future. I had always wanted to go to medical school so I could someday have a job that I loved."

Christine, the first woman on her dad's side of the family to even graduate from high school, grew up in rural Putnam County. She graduated from Perry High School in 1988 and chose to not immediately pursue higher education, following the path of her family and friends before her.

After working as a housekeeper and forklift operator for a number of years, Christine enrolled at Owens in 1997. She started at the Findlay-area Campus and eventually commuted to the Toledo-area Campus to further her studies before transferring in 2001 to a four-year university.

Christine graduated with a bachelor's degree in biology in 2004 and immediately enrolled in medical school at the Medical University of Ohio. Today, she is enrolled in the five-year medical program at MUO and is in the process of exploring different medical specialization areas to pursue before graduating in 2009. And, although, she's no longer attending Owens, Christine continues to feel an Owens connection.

"As a second year medical student at MUO, it has been very heartwarming to see all of the welcome signs here for Owens faculty members and students," Christine said. "I feel very strongly that the new relationship with Owens and MUO is a win-win situation!"

In addition to being a full-time medical student, Christine is also a wife to Rodney and a mother to four beautiful children - Andrew (14), Joshua (10), and twins, Sarah and Sami (7). An inspiration to would-be non-traditional students everywhere, Christine strongly values her Owens beginnings and has become somewhat of a rallying force for her alma mater.

"It has become my personal quest to spread the word to other non-traditional-aged persons about how feasible it is to attain higher education - especially with a local college like Owens," Christine said. "As a non-traditional student, I began college at Owens due to the excellent tuition, competent faculty, nurturing and supportive environment, and the flexible class schedule. I was also able to complete nearly all of my undergraduate work there."

Christine added, "I am convinced that the education that I received from Owens was equal - if not better - than that of my fellow medical students. The supportive staff and faculty made all of the difference. I really don't know if I would have been able to do it without them."

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