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Erin Jaynes, MSN, RN
Erin Jaynes, MSN, RN
Administrative Nurse Specialist
Medical College of Ohio
1985 Owens Graduate

'A successful career starts with a strong foundation. It is like building a house, without that foundation, it can fall apart. Owens offers a strong foundation.'

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Profile of Excellence: Erin Jaynes, MSN, RN
Owens Community College Alumna
Erin Jaynes, Administrative Nurse Specialist at Medical College of Ohio, lives by the motto, "When a door opens in life, don't be afraid to walk through it." Following Erin's career path, she has walked through many.

Born in a family of eight children, Erin wanted to be a nurse since she was five. "My sister-in-law, Joyce, advised me to get the best experience, get many experiences," states Erin. She adds, "A successful career starts with a strong foundation. It is like building a house, without that foundation, it can fall apart. Owens offers a strong foundation."

After graduating from Anthony Wayne High School, Erin began college at Bowling Green State University. When she completed her pre-nursing coursework, she faced a two-year wait to get into BGSU's School of Nursing. Unwilling to wait, she called Owens Community College and started clinicals right away. By 1985, Erin had graduated with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing Technology.

Erin's first nursing job was in MCO's Neurological Intensive Care Unit and six months later, she was working as Shift Charge Nurse. After working three years, Erin enrolled in the BGSU/MCO School of Nursing. Since all of her credits transferred from Owens, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in one and a half years.

In 1989, Erin's first child was born and she received a call from Barb Jagielo, Chair of Owens Nursing program. "Barb offered me a Teaching Assistant position. It was perfect timing. With the new baby, I could teach at Owens and continue nursing part-time at MCO," thought Erin. Soon after this, Erin started the Masters Program at MCO.

Once Erin completed her Masters, she joined Owens faculty full-time, but continued nursing at MCO. Explains Erin, "While teaching, I felt it was extremely important to practice at the bedside." This practice proved to be beneficial to her students as well. Her established professional relationship with the doctors at the hospital, opened many educational doors for Owens students.

In 2000, Erin returned to MCO full-time in a newly expanded position of Administrative Nurse Specialist. Now responsible for the nursing administrative office, staff development and education, administrative coordinators and float pool-Erin's major challenge was to monitor and improve MCO's bed flow. Their goal is to get the patient to the right bed, the first time and as efficiently as possible. Since taking over the flow, the results are impressive-1,000% improvement, according to MCO's reports.

When asked about the keys to her success, Erin says, "At Owens I learned pay attention to details, patience, courage to speak my convictions and to fall in love with nursing. They opened the first door and I went through."

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