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Heather Lane
Heather Lane
Registered Nurse
St. Luke's Hospital
2002 Owens Graduate

"My patients are very impressed with the superior results Owens Community College produces. I know I received an excellent education."

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Profile of Excellence: Heather Lane
Owens Community College Alumna
Heather Lane is a 2002 graduate of Owens Community College with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in the Registered Nursing Program. Since she was a little girl, Heather dreamed of being a nurse - her grandmother is a registered nurse and her aunt is a licensed practical nurse. Owens helped Heather make her dream a reality.

After graduating from Jackson High School, in Massillon, Ohio Heather enrolled in an area university, but quickly found herself in over her head. Between taking a full load of classes, working part time and joining various student clubs, her grades suffered. After her first year, she left school. "I moved back home to regroup," says Heather. "I did not want to waste money while not making good grades."

Still wanting to be a nurse, Heather took classes in Akron to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, which allowed her to work under a nurse. Determined to realize her dream, Heather returned to a four-year university to begin again. Faced with the desire to pay her own way, she continued to work full time. "It became painfully obvious that I could not afford school without working day and night," she said. "Something had to give." She left school to work full time and to save more money.

At the time, Heather admits that she did not realize the perfect answer was just down the road. Since she grew up in Massillon, she was unfamiliar with the educational resources in the Toledo community. After living in the area, she began to hear about Owens Community College and the nationally ranked nursing program. "I worked with people who were attending Owens and they raved about the programs," Heather remembers. "They told me how Owens offers high-quality education at a reasonable price." Heather returned to college at Owens and the third time was the charm. She found the instructors were amazing. Their doors were always open to all students for additional instruction or simple words of encouragement. As Heather said, "I felt very supported by the professors both in and out of the classroom."

Each semester of Owens' program is structured to build upon the nursing skills necessary for students to maximize their education and hospital clinical experiences and become top-notch nursing professionals. "I was very well prepared to handle real patients," says Heather. So much so that when she completed her first clinical lab at St. Luke's Hospital, Heather's supervisor complimented her abilities and offered her a summer position.

Then in May 2002, Heather fulfilled her childhood dream when she received her registered nursing pin, graduated from Owens Community College and was hired full time at St. Luke's. Today she is a nurse in the Intensive/Intermediate Care Unit where she treats critical patients.

Heather loves to tell her patients that her alma mater is Owens Community College. After they experience Heather's nursing expertise, knowledge and caring ways, the reaction is always the same. "My patients are very impressed with the superior results Owens produces," Heather says. "I know I received an excellent education."

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