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John P. Alexander
John P. Alexander
Chief of Staff
Board of Lucas County Commissions
1973 Graduate

"Owens presents the opportunity to never stop learning and provides hands-on academics that lead to career advancement."

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Profile of Excellence: John P. Alexander
Owens Community College Alumnus
John Alexander, Chief of Staff for the Board of Lucas County Commissions, is a 1973 graduate of Owens Community College. Considering his vast career in public service, he still considers Owens an important piece of his academic development. He credits Owens Community College in providing the practical tools, based on real life experiences, needed to do his job.

"When I think of what Owens Community College stands for and offers," he says, "Owens presents the opportunity to never stop learning and provides hands-on academics that lead to career advancement."

John's career began in Calhoun County, Michigan after graduating from Central Michigan with a Bachelor's degree in journalism. Already interested in public service, he took a position as Deputy Sheriff. When John and his wife, a Toledo native, were starting a family, they decided to call Toledo home.

After his position as a Deputy Sheriff, John was very interested in a career in law enforcement. In order to achieve this goal, he wanted a formal education in the field and Owens Community College was a natural fit. He met with the faculty, was very impressed and enrolled as a full-time student. "Owens provided the confidence I needed to pursue a career in law enforcement," John recalls. While at Owens, he found the breadth of courses and academic offerings in forensics, crime scenes and investigation techniques very beneficial to fulfill his goal.

John graduated in 1973 and began working in his chosen field. After one year, he took a job in forensic science at the Toledo Police Division Regional Laboratory. He was responsible for all aspects of forensic science service delivery to the local law enforcement community. He became an expert in firearms identification, comparative microscopy and polygraph science. During the last three years in the position, he was the Acting Laboratory Manager. Additionally, it was in this period that John decided to return to school. He completed his Masters of Public Administration and his Juris Doctor. "I credit Owens with giving me the academic confidence to pursue advance degrees," said John. "I had the ability and self-assurance to go on."

Armed with extensive professional experience and expanded academic background, John held various positions within Toledo government such as Inspection Investigator, Director of Public Safety and the first Chief of Staff to the Mayor when Toledo moved to its current form of government. Then after serving as the Legal Counsel and Assistant County Administrator for the Lucas County Board of County Commissions, he moved into his current position in January 2002.

Given John's current role as Lucas County Commissions' Chief of Staff, his ongoing interest in Owens Community College has expanded. He is impressed with Owens' heighten public image and their ability to develop academic offerings to serve the needs of Northwest Ohio. Also, John is proud, almost thirty years later, to tell you that Owens Community College is his alma mater. "Good service comes back," he says, "and Owens continues to demonstrate that ability."

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