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Jamie Boucher
Jamie Boucher
Web Development & Graphic Design Specialist
The Lauerer Markin Group, Inc.
2003 Owens Graduate

"Owens Community College is a great option. They have perfected a seamless process to help their students get started on the right path."

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Profile of Excellence: Jamie Boucher
Owens Community College Alumna
Jamie Boucher graduated from Owens Community College in May 2003 with her Associate of Applied Science Degree, majoring in Digital Media Technology. While at Owens, she also completed her Web Design Certificate. This skill set makes her a valuable member of The Lauerer Markin Group, where she specializes in web development and graphic design for their clients.

When Jamie graduated from high school, she began working at an area business in office administration. At the time, the pay and benefits were acceptable to Jamie. During the next five years, she worked hard and was promoted a number of times. Despite her short-term success, Jamie recognized that the long-term return on her efforts required a college education. "My sister inspired me," says Jamie. "She had just graduated from Owens in physical therapy and her career was taking off."

Jamie found Owens' campus accessible and convenient - and felt at home from the start. Her advisor assisted her in registration and class scheduling. "Owens Community College is a great option," she says. "They have perfected a seamless process to help their students get started on the right path."

The classes at Owens are structured to get students right into the core of a major and Jamie truly benefited from this approach. In a short period of time, she was able to explore marketing and sales, microcomputer programming and digital media. The result-she discovered a passion for digital media, without wasting valuable time and money.

When she had reached almost the halfway point in her degree program, Jamie was hired full time at The Lauerer Markin Group as a Graphic Designer. Without missing a beat, she easily modified her class schedule around her new job.

By putting her education into practical use, Jamie found herself quickly becoming an effective associate at the firm. The graphic design tools Jamie was learning at Owens paralleled her job and she found that her professors' insight and expertise were right on the money. "My supervisors told me I had better technical and graphic expertise than most four-year graduates," remembers Jamie. "I think this is a direct reflection on the extensive professional experience the professors bring back to Owens' classrooms." Even Lauerer Markin's seasoned, senior designers came to Jamie to learn new technology such as video editing and web designing.

Jamie's goal is to continue school and obtain her bachelor's and master's degrees beginning this Fall and to always stay current with technology trends in her industry. She is proud to be an Owens' graduate, but has one regret.

"I am so jealous of the digital media students at Owens," said Jamie. "Their classes this Fall will be taught in the incredible, new Center for Fine and Performing Arts building." Jamie may learn modern dance, just for fun!

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