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Destiny Joy Carpio
Destiny Joy Carpio
Registered Nurse
Flower Hospital and
Medical University of Ohio
2004 Owens Graduate

"Owens is one of the best nursing schools in Northwest Ohio"

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Profile of Excellence:
Destiny Joy Carpio
Owens Community College Alumna
Destiny Joy Carpio, a native Filipino and 2004 Owens Community College Nursing graduate, moved halfway around the world to obtain a college education that would provide her with the experience and training necessary to become a highly qualified Registered Nurse.

Upon graduation from Owens, the honors student served as Owens' class representative at the 2004 Fall Commencement Ceremony. In her speech, Destiny Joy conveyed her tremendous dedication to education to more than 3,000 fellow classmates, parents and community members in attendance.

"There are numerous opportunities presented in this country that are not found elsewhere in the world," Carpio stated in her speech. "Take advantage of them. Utilize those resources. Some individuals, such as myself, would risk crossing borders, leaving families and assimilating to a foreign culture just to have even a portion of that opportunity."

Now living her dream, Destiny Joy keeps busy working full-time as a nurse at Flower Hospital on the oncology med search floor, as well as by working as a contingent nurse in rehab at the Medical University of Ohio. Her responsibilities at both hospitals are relatively the same, however, the atmosphere tends to be very different.

"In oncology med search, you get people who just got out of surgery so they are usually very sick and need 24-hour care," Destiny Joy said. "Whereas in rehab, they are more medically stable and are 'less sick.' It's nice to have two different environments to learn from."

Working 36 hours a week at Flower Hospital alone, Destiny Joy still sees the value in continuing on with her education and is committed to becoming the best nurse possible.

"Things change so quickly in nursing," she said. "You have to persevere and persevere while you can - while you still like it. You can never be done learning."

Destiny Joy, a 1990 Tarlac National High School graduate and an active member of Perrysburg First Baptist Church, is now back at Owens taking prerequisite classes in biology and chemistry with plans of transferring to a nearby four-year institution to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

A Sylvania resident and mother of two, Destiny Joy is looking to earn her bachelor's degree by Spring 2007 and would like to someday become a travel nurse.

Like many Owens graduates, Destiny Joy values the time she spent, and continues to spend, at Owens.

"Owens is one of the best nursing schools in Northwest Ohio," Destiny Joy said. "I'm making good money because of my training at Owens. Why pay more for education when you can get the same thing - or sometimes better - at an affordable cost? It was a wonderful experience."

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