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     Jerome Graham

Jerome Graham
Marketing Consultant, Urban Radio Broadcasting LLC
1980 Graduate

"Owens seemed small enough to meet my needs,"

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Profile of Excellence:
Jerome Graham
Owens Community College Alumnus

Jerome Graham grew up in Toledo and fondly remembers spending his summers in Woodville, Ohio. His father's home only had three rooms, but for a son spending quality time with his father, it was enough.

He knew that he wanted to be a business man. His aunt and uncle owned a business, even though it was unusual for minorities to own companies then, and it influence his career direction.

In 1977, Graham graduated from Penta County Vocational School with a degree in business. At that time, Penta was located next to Owens Community College.

Graham enrolled in Owens immediately after graduation.

"Owens seemed small enough to meet my needs," said Graham. "At the time, I wanted to start working as soon as I could, so a two-year degree seemed perfect for me, plus I didn't think I was good enough to go straight into professional basketball."

He enjoyed the experience and felt Owens was convenient and easy to navigate. He liked the functionality of a small campus. He graduated in 1980 with an associate of applied business majoring in marketing and sales.

He accepted his first full-time job in sales after graduation at a company called Hunters Beauty World. After a few years, he saw Tommy Kaye, a local DJ, getting his hair cut at one of his clients' barber shops. He mentioned that one of the local radio stations was hiring a sales person.

Graham didn't know much about the radio industry, but he applied for the job. He was hired and began selling advertising for K99, a Toledo-area Soul radio station. He learned a lot and made contacts. In 1981, the station changed formats, to a country music station and moved to K100.

Graham didn't know it then, but that was just the first of the many changes that he would experience in the radio business. He endured many and worked at a variety of stations in Toledo and Detroit.

For a short time, he also enjoyed working for the United States Census as a recruiter, manager and numerator, when he desired a change of pace from the broadcast industry.

Now, Graham is a Marketing Consultant at Urban Radio Broadcasting LLC in Toledo, where he enjoys not only selling broadcast time, but working with his clients to provide numerous value added opportunities like sponsorships and events.

"I have been blessed to learn so much and see so many places in my career," said Graham. "My Owens education colors everything, even a trip to the grocery store is different for me. I can see the marketing that goes into each product placement."

He likes to say that he plans on living to the age of 122 and is just getting started in life. His long term goals include running in the Senior Olympics and getting an advance degree in psychology.

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