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Janette Helsel
Janette Helsel
Radiology Technician
Consulting Radiologists, Inc.
1993 Owens Graduate

"When compared to other programs, Owens thoroughly prepares students for their career fields. Sound instruction is teamed with developing good work ethics."

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Profile of Excellence: Janette Helsel
Owens Community College Alumna
Janette Helsel is a 1993 Owens Community College graduate with an Associate of Applied Science Degree, majoring in radiography. Born and raised in Toledo, Janette experienced a childhood illness that required a number of x-rays. Fascinated by the x-ray process as a child, she turned it into a career choice as an adult.

"I wanted a smaller college with convenient campus access," says Janette. "Owens Community College's two-year program was just what the doctor ordered."

During Janette's first year at Owens, she learned about anatomy and proper positioning to focus an x-ray on the desired location. She practiced in Owens' labs to become efficient and accurate. In the second year of the program, in addition to classroom instruction, the focus was on extensive clinical experience in a hospital.

Janette was exposed to various modalities within her field such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CAT scans, ultrasound and nuclear medicine. Also, she acquired hands-on training in quality control. She processed her own films and experimented with changing variables, such as water temperature, to witness the effects it can have on film quality output. By understanding this process, Janette can control the film developing environment and ultimately, the end result.

Her extensive practice paid off. Owens' program prepared Janette with sound technical experience in radiography and the confidence to apply her skill for results. As she describes, "Owens prepares you to use your mind and be creative since not everyone is an ideal patient." After a short period of time, Janette was developing her own style to get the outcome the doctors needed to diagnose and treat their patients.

After graduating from Owens, she took her Board licensing test-which covered physics, patient care and positioning-and passed as an American Registered Radiology Technician.

Janette accepted a position with the Wyandotte Hospital in Wyandotte, Michigan. During her five years there, she split her time between general radiology and as the Clinical Coordinator for students from Washtenaw Community College. "When compared to other programs, Owens thoroughly prepares students for their career fields," says Janette. "Sound instruction is teamed with developing good work ethics."

In the general radiology department, Janette rotated through the various hospital units. She utilized her techniques in the operating room during surgical procedures such as the installation of a pace maker or a hip replacement. Also, she used a portable x-ray unit in the emergency room for patient recovery.

In 1999, Janette married a Toledo resident and commuted to work in Wyandotte. The following year, after the birth of a son, she returned to the Toledo market.

Today, Janette and her husband have two small children, and she is working part time at "family-friendly" Consulting Radiologists. She is thrilled with her Owens education and career choice. It enables her to be at home with her children primarily, while keeping her hand in her profession. In Janette's words, the entire program has been "picture perfect."

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