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 Judson Pitt
Judson Pitt
Network Analyst
Bay Park Community Hospital
2000 Graduate

"Owens connects what is taught in the classroom with what it takes to succeed in the real world."

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Profile of Excellence: Judson Pitt
Owens Community College Alumnus
Judson Pitt is a 2000 Owens graduate where he majored in Microcomputer Business Systems. Like many people, Judson's life took a few turns before he knew exactly the path he wanted to take. In retrospect, he is very glad that the journey brought him to Owens. Not only did he get a great education that led to a fulfilling career, but he also met his wonderful wife, Angie.

After graduating from high school, Judson started college, but found college unconnected to life. So he joined the U.S. Marines and loved it. After two years, he was done with his duty. "I returned from the Marines more grown up and ready for the next step," remembers Judson.

Judson took a job in sales and formulated his career path. His decision was influenced by his newfound passion for business and an early exposure to computers by his father. Excited by Judson's decision to pursue a career in Information Technology, his Dad brought him to Owens Community College to look at their degree offerings. "I came to Owens and loved the campus," he says. "Their technology programs were very strong."

After his first year at Owens, Judson's life took another turn. "I was sailing along half way to my degree," he laughs. "Then I bumped into this beautiful brunette." Her name was Angie and as luck would have it, they had a class together. Cupid's arrows were airborne and Judson proposed a year later.

Married and graduated, Judson's first position was as Heartland Medical's Network Administrator. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to Systems Engineer. In the summer of 2001, he heard about an IT position at Bay Park Community Hospital. Still under construction, the hospital was designed as technologically cutting edge for its industry. Judson joined Bay Park's team three months prior to its opening as the Network Analyst.

Judson is responsible for Bay Park's IT infrastructure and connectivity. In the seventy-bed hospital, he maintains the wireless network that allows the nurses to admit patients at the bedside using a handheld device. He supports radiology's PACS system that digitizes x-rays creating virtual portability and "nearly paperless" patient records. Judson says, "We are very advanced and I use what I learned at Owens in practical application to this job."

Judson credits Owens Community College with helping him turn the corner and get on the right track. Comparing what he learned to what he can apply, Judson calls it a mirror image. "Owens connects what is taught in the classroom with what it takes to succeed in the real world."

That is connectivity at its finest.

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