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 Jolene Poeschl
Jolene Poeschl
Student Government President
2003 Graduate

"My Owens education expanded my way of thinking and helped to shape the person I have become. The educational value is enriched by the incredible people I have met."

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Profile of Excellence: Jolene Poeschl
Owens Community College Alumna
Jolene Poeschl, a 2003 graduate of Owens Community College, was named the Outstanding Graduate in Arts and Sciences during Spring Commencement ceremonies. She credits Owens with providing her a well-rounded education. "My Owens education expanded my way of thinking and helped to shape the person I have become," Jolene says. "The educational value is enriched by the incredible people I have met."

A Swanton High School graduate, Jolene started college at a local university. When a class she needed was not available at that university, she was able to register for that class at Owens and transfer the credits back to that university. But, before long, Jolene decided to remain at Owens Community College as a full-time student.

"I quickly found myself surrounded by motivated people who wanted to make a difference at Owens and in our Toledo community," remembers Jolene. This influence spurred her to reach out to others. Her efforts as a volunteer and her leadership were recognized when she was elected Student Government President for the 2002-2003 academic school year.

The purpose of Student Government is to serve as the voice of students, Jolene explained. "Concerns are brought to us, we address them and bring about a resolution," she describes. This year, in an effort to improve communication on campus, Student Government hosted "Lunch With the President." Over 200 students attended to discuss college-related issues. "It was a huge success," said Jolene.

Under Jolene's leadership, Student Government also has been a catalyst for the expansion of student activities offered on the College's Toledo-area and Findlay-area campuses. Recognizing that the hearts of Owens' students are tied to the community, Student Government has focused on giving back.

Recently, Owens' students gathered food donations for the Boy Scouts and Salvation Army. Last winter, when the community needed warm blankets and coats for the homeless, Owens' students and employees collected over 200 bags of items. Owens annually serves as a host for a Red Cross blood drive and the inaugural Relay for Life fundraiser held on the Toledo-area Campus brought in a substantial contribution for the American Cancer Society.

In addition to the goodwill efforts, Student Government sponsored events to help entertain students. Jolene described how Owens hosted the "Battle of the Bands" competition, in which bands from the area competed for cash prizes playing in the Student Health and Activities Center. In the spring, right before final exams, a "Spring Fling" with lots of free food, carnival-like games, music, laughter and more lessened stress and tension for students, faculty and staff.

Jolene is transferring to a four-year institution to complete her degree, but she has fond memories of Owens. "I am so very proud to be a graduate of Owens Community College," she says. "I leave here truly believing in myself and knowing I can do whatever I set as my goal." In Jolene's own words, she is dreaming big.

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