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Kent T. Keck
Kent T. Keck
Class Representative
Owens Community College
2003 Graduate

"I have made great friends at Owens and greatly benefited from the one-on-one guidance of my instructors."

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Industrial and Engineering Technologies

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Profile of Excellence: Kent T. Keck
Owens Community College Alumnus
Kent Keck has been selected as the Owens Community College Class Representative and will address over 400 graduates during the 2003 Fall Commencement ceremony on Thursday, December 18th. He graduates with Honors and an Associate of Applied Science Degree, majoring in Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) Technology.

Kent graduated from Leipsic High School in 2001. While in high school, he was active in the band playing alto, tenor and baritone saxophone; singing in the choir; and was a member of the Future Farmers of America. When the youngest of three children was faced with the decision of college, Kent was unsure of his path. High school classes had come easy, but the thought of college made him nervous.

He turned to his high school CAD teacher, Marvin Heitmeyer, for guidance. Mr. Heitmeyer's CAD class had challenged Kent. He was considering CAD as a potential career choice. Mr. Heitmeyer introduced Kent to Professor Eric Duling, who headed the CAD Technology program at Owens Community College Findlay-area campus. Kent was impressed with the programs that Owens offered and the location of Owens' campus. He developed an instant rapport with Professor Duling and felt that he would receive a tremendous education at Owens.

Kent was awarded a $5,000 scholarship from The Iams Company to use toward his college education, and he knew those dollars would go further at Owens Community College. All the pieces fit in Kent's college puzzle, so he enrolled.

By choosing Owens, it allowed Kent to commute from home, while continuing his involvement in his church and community. He recognizes and lives by the model of sharing your time, talents and treasures with others.

Having a passion for music, Kent volunteers his time providing technical assistance for Leipsic High School band and choir concerts and also participates in the Leipsic community band and choir. Each Sunday and Thursday, Kent's musical talent can be heard when he plays his saxophone for the Praise and Worship Team at the Voice to the Nations Ministries Church in Findlay. Also as an Eagle Scout, Kent serves as assistant scoutmaster for Troup 222, where he mentors 20 boy scouts.

Kent is currently a member of Owens' Society of Manufacturer Engineers and the Epsilon Pi Tau International Honor Society. He has loved his college experience and recommends his path to other Leipsic graduates. "I have made great friends at Owens," he says, "and greatly benefited from the one-on-one guidance of my instructors." As he completes his degree, Kent intends to pursue a career as a computer-aided drafting technician within the mechanical or civil engineering industries.

Kent credits his educational success to his supportive parents, Gary and Marty Keck, and the College's Industrial and Engineering Technologies faculty. "I can't say enough about what my parents and the faculty have meant to me," he said. "They have been a guiding light in my life."

Kent is a shining example of Owens' best.

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