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Kevin Overmyer
Kevin Overmyer
Audit Intern: Gilmore, Jasion & Mahler, LTD
2003 Graduate

"I see all of the opportunities at the College and am amazed how the Alumni Association maintains their connection to the community."

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Profile of Excellence:
Kevin Overmyer
Owens Community College Alumnus

Kevin Overmyer grew up in Millbury, Ohio. He was the youngest of three children and played hockey. After graduating from Lake High School in 1996, he enrolled at Owens Community College.

His older brother and sister attended Owens and he thought it would be a good fit. He pursued an associate degree in business management and graduated in 2003.

"My first experience was great. I still run into a few of my professors from time to time," said Overmyer.

He then transferred to Heidelberg University and completed his bachelor's degree in business administration.

"More of my classes transferred than I thought would and it helped me to finish up even faster," said Overmyer.

He then began the master's program at Heidelberg right away. He finished his Master of Business Administration in August 2007.

Most students might think that after three degrees and more than 10 years of higher education that they were finished with college. Overmyer isn't like most students.

After earning his master's degree, he enrolled at Owens Community College for a second time and is currently working on the Certified Public Accounting Qualifying Certificate Program. After finishing that certificate, he will have enough credits to graduate, again, with an associate's degree in accounting.

"I have always had a feeling that this is where I am supposed to be. Now that I have returned, I see all of the opportunities at the College and am amazed how the Alumni Association maintains their connection to the community," said Overmyer.

"My goal for 2010 is to be in an accounting firm, pass the CPA exam and use all the contacts I have from my career to build the firm I join," said Overmyer.

In a first step to make his goal a reality, Overmyer joined the audit department at Gilmore, Jasion & Mahler, LTD as an Audit Intern on Jan. 4. In this role, he will be working on various audit assignments and team projects.

With a grand total of four degrees and one certificate, it is certain whatever path he chooses, he will be successful.

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