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Kristy Redford, RDMS
Kristy Redford, RDMS
Associated Physicians of the Medical College of Ohio
2003 Owens Graduate

"Owens offered an incredible, well-rounded perspective into my career."

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Profile of Excellence: Kristy Redford, RDMS
Owens Community College Alumna
Kristy Redford is a 2003 Owens Community College graduate with an Associate of Applied Science Degree, majoring in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Today, she works as a Sonographer for the obstetrics and gynecology department at MCO for Dr. Louis Weinstein. Recognizing that sonography serves internally as the physician's eyes, Kristy receives a lot of satisfaction in her chosen career.

When she graduated from Springfield High School, Kristy was typical of most young people. She wanted to explore her options before she could choose her long-term career. Her first job was as a registrar for St. Vincent hospital. After a couple of years, Kristy transferred to a pediatrician's practice as a patient service representative. She enjoyed the medical field, but had not found her niche. That changed after she had an ultrasound during her pregnancy. "I was very impressed by the in-depth knowledge and caring of the sonographer," Kristy says. "After the positive experience, I knew I wanted to learn more about this field."

Since Owens Community College is well known in Northwest Ohio for offering a top-notch, comprehensive curriculum in diagnostic medical sonography, the college choice was easy. Kristy applied, was accepted into the program and started that summer. During her first year, she concentrated on anatomy and physics. She learned internal organs, their relational variances and how sound waves are used to produce medical information. Along with course instruction, the students practiced on each other to become comfortable with the fundamentals and equipment.

During the program's second year, Kristy began her clinical rotation at area hospitals. She spent eight to sixteen weeks at a time at Fremont Memorial, Fostoria Community, Toledo Hospital and MCO, focusing on different areas of specialization-such as vascular, obstetrics and pathology. At each location, Kristy worked under a seasoned sonographer. "I learned so much from the people I worked for," she said, "and incorporated parts of their style into my own."

Last May, Kristy graduated from Owens and by June, she was working at MCO. "It was great," says Kristy. "Before I left Owens, I had a job offer."

Shortly thereafter she took her state licensing exams-and passed-making her a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. She was tested on her understanding of physics and ultrasound utilization. Also, she took exams on abdomen, small parts-such as thyroid, testicles, and soft tissue-and obstetrics/gynecology. Kristy passed all three areas.

Kristy knows it's crucial that she provide accurate test results to her doctor, as the results can potentially change the course of treatment. She really enjoys her profession and strives to make patients feel comfortable, while doing a thorough exam. "Owens offered an incredible, well-rounded perspective into my career," she explains. "We worked hard and were taught how important our job is to patient care."

Today, Kristy has an Owens' sonography student working for her at MCO. She loves teaching others and sharing tips she learned during her clinical rotation. "I am where I am today because of my Owens education," Kristy says. "It makes me want to give that back to others."

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